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    Sunflower oil

    • Name: MR Ilios
    • Category: Sunflower oil, refined
    • Production method: Chemical Treatment (refining)
    • Place of origin: European Union
    • Appearance: Clear, no precipitation
    • Color: White to pale yellow
    • Taste & aroma: Mild, odorless
    • Use: Used in sauces, for preparing mayonnaise, for preparing margarine, in cooking and frying.
    • Storage instructions: Store in a dark, dry and cool place, away from odors and direct sunlight.
    • Shelf life: 12 months from the date of bottling in a sealed package.
    • Available packaging: 10 lt pet
    • Name History: The ‘Mr Ilios’ sunflower oil is an imported product from a certified supplier of the European Union, which serves the needs of the HORECA sector. 


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