Cretan Products

Welcome to "Savouidakis Cretan Products"!


Our headquarters are located in Agia Varvara, Heraklion, a mountain village in the center of Crete,
very close to the port of Heraklion, one of the most central points of the Mediterranean.
Olive oil is the main field of our activity.

However, having the desire to enrich our range with goods that would leave a more pronounced imprint of the Cretan land on our customers, we created products such as olives, olive paste, honey, pasta, herbs and nuts.

Our core values that defined the course of our company are our love
for healthy eating, well-being, tradition, hospitality but also our need to treat our consumer
as well as our guest with perseverance, reliability and consistency. in "quality" and "delicious".

Because choosing a product from our range we
 want the consumer to feel at home,
to feel our respect and care for his taste and health!


Olives/Olive Paste

Favorite products of our nature. The symbol of Crete. The stable basis of the Mediterranean Diet.

Cretan Thyme Honey
The nectar of Cretan nature!

The most valuable gift of nature with a rich aroma of Cretan thyme.

Cretan Pasta

Pasta suggestions made from pure ingredients and a lot of love. 
Fermented with Cretan eggs and pure goat's milk, just like our grandmothers made them.

Cretan Herbs

The natural earthy aromas of the sunny landscapes of Crete, enclosed in a small vase. 
Precious herbs from our mountains and gorges.

Cretan Rusks

Tradition and taste are combined in all Cretan recipes. 
Crispy rusks, made from pure Cretan flour.