Cretan Olive oil Tasting and Cretan Cuisine


During the first hour, our visitors will taste 4 samples of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Brands and 2 sample of defective olive oil to learn the positive flavors and aromas of quality Olive Oil and evaluate them opposite to the negative characteristics of a low-quality olive oil. They will learn to combine olive oils with different aromas with specific cooking recipes. Finally, they will enjoy dishes from our local cretan cuisine.

What makes this activity unique?

In this session you will become an olive oil expert for one day. You will learn the "fruity", "bitter" and
"spicy" part of extra virgin olive oil. You will learn how to combine different cretan olive oils with
special food recipes and you will enjoy our local cretan cuisine.
We strongly recommend this tasting experience, because we believe that we can offer our visitors a
combination of relaxation and new knowledge as far as our daily nutrition is concerned. Our visitors
will learn to judge the quality of olive oil they buy, or they are served.