Handmade spinach and cheese ravioli

Handmade spinach and cheese ravioli


For the dough (4 portions)

300 g all-purpose flour
3 eggs
2 tbsp. "Lof" Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Flour for rolling out the dough

For the stuffing

500 g spinach, finely chopped
1 small onion, finely chopped
100 g feta cheese
100 anthotyros cheese
"Lof" Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Fresh spearmint



For the dough

Knead all the ingredients for the dough until you have a soft ball.
Wrap the dough with cling film and leave it for approx. 30 mins to rest.
Take part of the dough and roll it out using a thin rolling pin. Make the dough as thin as possible.
Add enough flour, so that the dough is not sticky.
Then, cut the dough sheet into rectangular oblong pieces.
Place 1 spoonful of the stuffing on one of the pieces.
Baste the empty part of the dough with "Lof" Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Fold and press tightly so as to remove any air, until the two dough sheets stick well together.
Cut the dough in small squares using the special toothed tool.
Place the ravioli on greaseproof paper and cover with a towel, so that they do dry out by the time you boil them.

For the stuffing

Sauté the onion in "Lof" Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Then, add the spinach and sauté until its liquids have been evaporated.
Add salt and pepper, turn off the stove top and add the fresh spearmint.
Put the sautéed ingredients in a bowl, blend them with the cheese and leave them to cool off.