Vegetable balls

Vegetable balls


3 carrots 
3 medium potatoes 
2 zucchinis 
3 tomatoes without the seeds
1/2 red pepper 
1/2 yellow pepper 
1/2 green pepper 
1/2 cauliflower (medium-sized) 
1 medium onion 
2 eggs 
1/2 bunch of dill 
1/2 bunch of spearmint 
Approx. 5-6 tbsp. mild mustard 
1 cup feta cheese 
1 cup Graviera cheese 
3 tbsp. oil 
1 tbsp. baking powder
Pdo Sitia Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Golden Creta Savouidakis" for frying



Grate the vegetables and put them in a strainer to drain well for at least 1 hour.
Then, finely chop the dill and spearmint and add them to your vegetables.
Put everything together in a large bowl, add all remaining ingredients and mix them together.
Add the necessary amount of breadcrumbs for the mix to become thick enough.
Shape into balls, cover them with breadcrumbs and fry in hot Pdo Sitia Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Golden Creta Savouidakis".