Mushroom risotto

Mushroom risotto


6-7 cups of chicken broth (hot)
4 tbsp. Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Savoil Vivre"
1 slice of bacon (finely chopped)
500 g Pleurotus/Portobello/White mushrooms (preferably a mix)
1 clove of garlic
1 onion, finely chopped
1/2 leek, finely chopped
1 ½ cup of Carolina rice
1/4 cup "Aspro Pato" Dry White Table Wine
2-3 tbsp. cognac
2 tbsp. butter
2 tbsp. chives, finely chopped (optional)
4 tbsp. parmesan cheese, grated
A few parmesan flakes
Freshly ground pepper



For the mushroom risotto, clean all the mushrooms with a wet towel.
Remove the skin and the stalk, if necessary.
Cut the mushrooms in slices.
Keep the broth hot in a pot, barely simmering over low heat.
In a deep non-stick pan, heat 2 tbsp. of Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Savoil Vivre".
Sauté the mushrooms and the garlic over high heat for 3-4 mins.
Put them aside in a bowl.
In the same pan, pour the remaining Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Savoil Vivre", the finely chopped onion and the bacon.
Sauté for 2 mins and add the rice.
Stir and sauté for 2 mins, until the rice absorbs some oil and becomes transparent.
Add the "Aspro Pato" Dry White Wine and the cognac.
Wait for the alcohol to be completely evaporated and for the rice to dry.
With a ladle, add a spoonful of hot broth to the rice, stir and wait for the whole broth to be absorbed.
Continue adding to the risotto, 1/2 cup of broth at a time, stirring regularly.
Each time before you add the next dose of broth, make sure that the previous dose of broth has been absorbed.
The process lasts until the risotto becomes mushy, the starch is expelled, it looks like a cream or sauce and the rice is still al dente.
Add salt and pepper.
Finally, add the mushrooms with their juice, the butter and the parmesan.
Stir very well for the risotto to become creamy.
Sprinkle with chives.