www.savouidakis.gr is an e-commerce website (e-shop) facilitating the display and distribution via the web of the products of Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products, a producing and trading company based in Aghia Varvara, Heraklion, Crete (VAT No: 123189850, company registered in Greece). Prior to using our e-shop we would like to ask you to browse through the Terms and Conditions provided below, applied especially for the use of the Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products E-Commerce Website, at www.savouidakis.gr.

Please confirm that you agree with these terms and conditions: any commercial transaction you may initiate henceforth via this website (www.savouidakis.gr) is ruled by the terms and conditions below and entails the acceptance of these terms.


Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products reserves the right to unilaterally alter or update the current terms and conditions that regulate the commercial transactions carried out via www.savouidakis.gr. The company is obliged to notify its users and/or clients about any alterations and/or updates that may occur, via the www.savouidakis.gr website. Any changes made to these conditions does not affect orders that are being processed or completed orders.


Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products is bound with regards to the validity and precision of all information contained in the company’s e-commerce website www.savouidakis.gr. This applies to the validity of the essential features described in each product as presented in the website as well as the accuracy of the information provided with regards to the services rendered via the e-commerce website of Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products, reserving the rights to any technical faults or misprints which may have evaded the company’s attention or have involuntarily come of due to possible downtime of the website due to force majeure.


Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products guarantees the timely informing of the end consumers regarding the availability of the services. Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products e-commerce website is not responsible for any technical problems that may arise during an attempt to access the website or during browsing which may be related to the operation or compatibility of their infrastructure and the usage of the website. Also, Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products bears no responsibility for third party actions or failures and particularly third party interventions to products and/or services and/or information available via the website.


www.savouidakis.gr is the official website of Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products. The content uploaded in this website by Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products, in its entirety, including images, graphic elements, photos, drawings, texts, services rendered and products, are the sole copyright of Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products and are protected by the Greek Legislature, European Legislature and International treaties. The names , brands, logotypes and distinctive features that represent Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products or/and the company’s e-commerce website or/and affiliated third parties, their products or their services, are the exclusive brands and distinctive features of Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products and/or www.savouidakis.gr and /or third parties and are protected by the Greek, European and international legislation on trademarks and industrial copyrights and Unfair Competition.

In any case, appearance and exposure of these trademarks in the Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products website, www.savouidakis.gr should under no circumstances be perceived as conveyance of license or cession of license or rights of use.


Users/visitors of the Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products official website www.savoudakis.gr agree that they will under no circumstances use its webpages to broadcast, publish, or send via e-mail any content which may be illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, obtrusive, libelous, disparaging, obscene, vulgar, in breach of a third party’s privacy, exhibiting hatred or expresses racial, national or other discriminations, may cause damages to minors in any possible way, is not allowed to be broadcast according to legislation or conventional or administrative relations (such as inside information, ownership and confidential information which have been obtained or exposed as part of collective agreements or covered by in privacy agreements), in breach of any patent contracts, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights or other third party proprietary rights, may contain software viruses or any other type of coding, files or software that have been created with the aim to interrupt, cause malfunction, destroy or inhibit any computer software or hardware, on purpose or infringing the current national and European Community legislation and its provisions, may harass third parties in any way and any content used to collect and/or store the users’ privacy.


Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products recognize/s the gravity of the issue of the safety of your personal data and the transactions via the website and ensures the public that they have taken all necessary measures using the most updated and advanced methods and practices to ensure the best possible safety for you. All information related to your personal data and your transactions (/history o/f) are confidential and safe. Security in Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products website is achieved utilizing the following methods:


We use two codes to identify you as our customer: Log-in code (e-mail or username) and a Password. Each time you enter these to log in to the website they provide you with the necessary encryption for your safety of transactions.
You can modify or alter your password and your e-mail address as many times as you wish. You are the sole person that has access to your personal information by use of these security log-in codes and exclusively responsible for the secrecy and concealment from third parties. In case of loss or leaking of this information you must immediately contact Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products. Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products website cannot be held responsible for any malicious use of this classified information. We recommend, for security reasons, that you change your password frequently and also avoid the use of the same or easily traceable passwords (e.g. date of birth). We also strongly suggest that you use symbols as well as numbers and letters when creating your new password.


If your connection remains inactive for a period of up to 20 minutes, the website automatically logs you out from the member’s area of the Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products website.


Access to the systems of Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products webservers is monitored by a firewall that allows only a specific set of services to be used by the website’s users/visitors, forbidding at the same time any access to systems and databases with classified company information.


Adhering to the privacy is self-evident. The same principles of privacy that apply to physical transactions apply to e-commerce. All information conveyed by the user/customer/member to Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products is private and confidential. Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products have taken all necessary steps to use this information on a need-to-use basis within the framework of rendered services. Below are some of these measures:
Authorized only staff have access to your transaction data and only when this is necessary, for example, processing of your requests. Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products will never reveal its customer data and history of transactions unless required via an official authorization by you or a mandate by the authorities, such as a court rulings. Whenever Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products uses third parties to access and maintain its systems, the company makes certain that privacy is observed. Reserving the clauses of chapter 7 herein concerning Privacy, you are entitled to file an official request to have access to any of your personal data filed in our system to amend any of the details provided you have viable proof of the wrong content.
For your safety, you too should handle all your personal information stored in this service as confidential and never disclose any of this information to third parties.


While using Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products website you may be asked to submit information such as your name, surname, Social Security Number, email address or delivery address. These may be required in order for us to process your order or render any of our services. Any personal data you may submit anywhere in the webpages and/or services of the Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products website will be stored solely for purposes regarding your transactions with us or possible improvement of the supplied services and the use of those by a third party is strictly prohibited (exception apply for authorities bound by legislation).

In any case, Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products has assigned specific members of its staff the right to access your personal data. Any other members’ access to them is strictly prohibited. We have taken every reasonable measure to ensure privacy of your personal information. Your personal information may be shared with partner companies only on rare cases and under special circumstances to support, promote and execute the transactions relation of our company with you, always under strict conditions that fully ensure that your personal data is not unlawfully edited or processed.

Any questions or suggestions you may have regarding these matters you may process and communicate to us by using the contact form you may find in http: //savouidakis.gr/contact-us. The user reserves the right to be updated on and/or pause an objection to any further editing or processing of tis data according to standing legislation on the protection of privacy.


Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products is taking every step to provide services of high quality. However, we cannot rule out the possibility of errors in pricing and secondary attributes of our products. We cannot also rule out the possibility of interruption of the website or other “human” errors during the updating of the prices of the products. For the safety and effectiveness of your purchases, should you notice an unusually high or low price of a product in comparison to its marketplace average price we urge you to contact us before proceeding with the order.
We also recommend, before you proceed with ordering from our website, that you consult our HELP & TERMS OF USE pages of this website, where you will find useful information on the procedure of ordering.
After you submit your order you will receive an automated e-mail message containing all the information regarding your order. After we process your order through our e-orders department, you will receive a second e-mail that confirms all content to be shipped to you. From this point forward, the two parties are bound by a contract.

During processing of you order you will be receiving a series of automated e-mail messages that will be bringing you up-to-date about you order. These messages describe the following steps:

Order Processing:  your order has been delivered to our orders department and its details are being checked for accuracy and accuracy.

Invoicing:  the items of your order have been collected, processed and are out for delivery to the designated postal address.

Partial Invoicing:  One or more of the items in your order are pending. The available items as appear in the e-mail will be delivered.

Cancelled Order:  your order has been cancelled by you or due to inability to communicate with you to confirm it.

If an issue arises regarding your order you will be notified via e-mail or/and SMS. Alternatively we will call using the phone numbers you have provided during your registration or the submission of your order in our website.

There is no possibility of deactivating these update notifications, they constitute an essential condition for the proper processing of your order. We would urge you to allow these emails to arrive to your mailbox and also keep them all at least for the duration of the processing of your order and its delivery. It is your obligation, according to the Terms & Conditions, to notify us immediately if -due to your mail agent or our mail server failure- you don’t receive these emails. Your products will be delivered as soon as possible and anyway within thirty days from the date of the order verification. Exception applies to Pre-Order Status orders, Available Soon Status or Special Order status orders, for which a special delivery notification procedure is applied.


You may return an item and be refunded provided you notify Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products via the contact form at http: //savouidakis.gr/contact-us within fifteen (15) days after he date of delivery of your order by you or a third party which you will indicate. In the case of an order which due to availability is delivered in intervals the deadline starts from the date of delivery of the last item. By withdrawing from the order you are obliged to return the item in pristine condition as was delivered to you. Item return must be accompanied by clear and not questionable proof that this item is securely dispatched within twenty (20) calendar days from the date of exercising your withdrawal. Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products is obliged to refund any amounts paid by you within the same time frame of deadline. Any postal charges for the return of an item are covered by the customer who is returning the item and under no circumstances these are covered by Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products. Any refunds carried out by Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products do not include postage and handling charges of the initial dispatch.


Every item in your order carries a description of all its characteristics as designated by the relevant statute. This includes date of expiration. This information is provided in the description of the product in the product of the website. Prior to placing an order, the customer is advised to carefully read the product’s specific information so as to avoid ordering the wrong product.

Upon delivery of the items, you are advised to check that you have received the correct quantity of items, the products are not defect at first sight and report any possible defects or other problems regarding the state of the items to us immediately at 0030 2894 0 23 721. If we cannot be reached, then please fill in your remarks in the courier paper slip which you signed on delivery. If all items are in good condition as expected, kindly sign the relevant documentation provided by the courier service that you have received everything well. Any damages caused by the courier service prior to delivery are accounted for and relevant costs of these items are credited to your account.

Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products is liable for any item you received that is defective or of bad quality.

Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products will replace at no charge any products you may have received with expired dates.

Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products is liable for all obligations covered by the Vendors Act.


Cancelling and order is possible in these cases:  prior to completing the order, you may hit he “back” button on the webpage to remove quantities of the items you have selected or completely remove/delete an item from your “shopping cart”. If your order has already been submitted, however, not yet dispatched to you, you may contact us at 0030 2894 0 23 721 to ask a member of our staff to cancel the order for you. After the items are delivered to your address you can contact us via our contact form in the website explaining to us why you wish to cancel the order. A member of our staff will see to your request immediately and update you on all your options. If your order has already been invoiced and wish its cancellation, please contact our Customer Services dept. at +30 28940 23 721 to submit the configuration of your order. However, please be advised that your order Status, as it appears on your profile page will not change.


Πληρωμή με την παραλαβή της παραγγελίας στο χώρο σας (αντικαταβολή)

Cash Payment on delivery of the items to your address

Πληρώστε τον συνεργάτη της εταιρείας μας, με την παράδοση της παραγγελίας σας στο χώρο σας.

Pick your order up and make the payment directly at our shop

Pick your order up and make the payment directly at our shop

Make the payment beforehand by wire transfer at one of our bank accounts. The details are below:

IBAN: GR24 0110 2040 0000 2046 3096 071

EUROBANK EUROBANK, 0026.0134.05.0101783404
IBAN: GR66 0260 1340 0000 5010 1783 404

ALPHA BANK ALPHA BANK, 788 00 278 600 5160
IBAN: GR72 0140 7880 7880 0278 6005 160

IBAN: GR18 0172 3520 0053 5205 9134 304

IBAN: GR74 0870 0720 0003 0000 2292 018

Kindly fax at +30 328940 23 751 or email at info@savouidakis.gr the bank payment slip, including the order number so that we quickly and easily trace your order. After we receive this bank payment slip we immediately begin to process your order.


According to the current tax legislation, for invoices of sums over €500,00 (net, before VAT charges) to professionals/businesses (Sales Invoice) must be settled EXCLUSIVELY by:

  • Bank deposit or wire transfer
  • Credit or prepaid card payment



Completion of your order

Handling and shipping fees are included in the product price.

When you submit your order, a message appears on your screen as follows (example): «Your order is completed. Thank you for your business. Your order number is 12345. Please check your email for a confirmation message from us with your order details»

  • For cities or countries where we don’t have a representative we ship the merchandise to a courier of your choice in Athens and Piraeus.
  • For orders of 3 palettes and over with items of the same code we usually don’t stock and are prepared by order.
  • Timetables above are not valid in periods of extreme weather conditions or strikes and any other case of force majeure via which may affect the transportation and delivery time.

If you choose to use a transport service company that Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products has no contract with, all shipment charges burden your end.


Your order may be delayed for the following reasons

  • The item(s) you ordered is not in stock (available). In such a case a member of our staff will contact you immediately to suggest alternative options.
  • Periods of extreme weather conditions, strikes or cases of force majeure that may affect the transportation and delivery time.
  • When communication via telephone and/or email is impossible: your order processing may be delayed because of wrong information submitted via the website or there is a problem with the item you ordered or the payment of the order. In any case, delay will not supersede the time limit of thirty days from the date of the order.


  1. Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products sends various newsletters at time intervals.
  2. Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products is not responsible for these newsletters not being delivered to their destination email address although we take every possible action and work closely with our Internet Service Providers to successfully deliver them to their destination.
  3. Please notice that these newsletters may be perceived as spam emails and automatically sent to your spam folder of your mail agent software. Kindly make sure that you from time to time check this folder for such e-mails.
  4. If you do not anymore wish to receive our newsletters or wish to completely opt out form our news messaging system, please notify us through the website contact form.
  5. Updates with our latest news are sent to you only of you choose to receive them and for as long as your wish to receive them.

However, when you place an order with us a series of automated emails will be sent to you that do not fall under the category of news and newsletter emails. These email messages are a precondition for the successful processing of your order and cannot be blocked or refuse delivery of those as they are an integral part of the ordering procedure. We urge to accept these emails and store them in your email agent for as long as the order process last and at least until the order has been completed.

It is your obligation to notify us without delay if for some reason you do not receive such emails as part of the terms and conditions that apply to the transactions in the Ioannis N. Savouidakis Cretan Products website.