Often, man, as a wandering traveller in the demands of life, needs to drop anchor for a while - Maina, as sailors say, to the problems of everyday life and to immerse himself for a while in his personal tranquility - Exa, as we say here in Crete.
This is the moment when he will toast with his friends and say "Aspro Pato" - as we say here in Greece.
And that's how the journey turns from a wanderlust to an experience!



The white wine "Aspro Pato" is made from the varieties Plyto, Daphne Thrapsathiri, Vidiano and Vilana. The rosé and red wine "Aspro Pato" is made from Cretan grape varieties, mainly Kotsifali and Mantilari.



EXA means "my independence, my peace of mind". The sweetness and spirituality of Crete in a bottle of the world famous Cretan spirit.



Maina is a nautical term that metaphorically means "we have arrived at our destination". With a glass of ouzo Maina, overlooking the Cretan Sea, we are at our destination.