Lof - Land of Fertility

Land of Fertility

In the southernmost part of Greece, the island of Crete lies in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Crete is a blessed land that for thousands of years has been the cultural and commercial crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa. It is the birthplace of Zeus where the glorious Minoan civilisation bloomed and important cultural personalities have lived & worked here such as the great painter Domenicos Theotokopoulos, (“El Greco”) and Nikos Kazantzakis the author known for Zorba the Greek. Crete is a spirited and enchanting place with a wonderful climate. Ravishing scenery, picturesque harbours, ancient Minoan palaces and Byzantine churches are but a few of Crete’s characteristics. Thus, our pure Cretan olive oil bears the name of this blessed land. The land of fertility. Taste in it all of the above attributes & travel back in our history.

“Out in the dark blue sea there lies a land called Crete, a rich and lovely land, washed by the waves on every side” — Homer’s “The Odyssey”

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The gold of the blessed land of fertility, is extremely virgin and bears the name LOF. It is a product of acidity up to 0.5% with a strong spicy aftertaste and aromas of fresh fruit.