What is the most suitable material for an oil storage container?

How long can we store it without spoiling it? In the past, oil was stored in the traditional jars, which are not recommended for oil preservation for either domestic or industrial use.

Even more unsuitable media are considered iron drums and various plastic containers (propylene) of large capacity, but not including the latter, such as PVC or even better PET plastic, which have very good waterproofing. Of course, many reactions can take place between the plastic packaging materials and the components of Olive Oil. Glass and stainless steel tanks are the ones that are widely used nowadays and are more suitable for small or large quantities.

But what are the conditions we look for when storing olive oil that we may not be aware of as a whole?

Constant storage temperature around 15o C.
This may not be feasible in many of today's households, but temperature changes, and even more so when they occur abruptly, adversely affect the oil. High temperatures can cause or accelerate a possible oxidation of the oil, while conversely low temperatures can cause clouding and alter its clarity, due to the solidification of some saturated fatty acids.

Another common "enemy" of oil and wine is light.
This factor is extremely important for the proper maintenance of the oil and must be prevented
otherwise it causes oxidation and rancidity of the oil. This is why dark colours are preferred
containers, although in the transparent ones we are allowed to see the contents. Otherwise, store in a shady place without
exposure to light to prevent photo-oxidation.

We prefer containers with a capacity of up to 1 litre because the vacuum created in the half-empty bottles leaves the olive oil exposed to oxygen and thus causes rancidity.
Although quite resistant to oxidation compared to other oils, olive oil should be protected
by oxygen which may either be dissolved in the oil or on the surface of the storage tank.
So we choose the size of the container according to our needs.

To summarise, we can say that by following the above instructions,
we can keep our olive oil for about 2 years.
However, it should be noted that the freshness and the excellent characteristics of olive oil, such as aromas and flavour, fade over time even if it does not oxidise.

The ideal is to consume the olive oil within the first year of receiving it from the fruit.


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