Sustainable Gastronomy

Sustainable Gastronomy
   What is actually sustainable gastronomy? According to the UN's International Food and Agriculture Organization, "Sustainable gastronomy is the cuisine that takes into account where its ingredients come from, how its products are being cultivated and how they reach the markets."

According to Dr Carlos Martin-Rios, professor at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, the basis of sustainable gastronomy is: a) the acknowledgment that gastronomy is a cultural expression related to the natural and cultural diversity of food across the world and b) the ascertainment that the production and use of food must be done in a way that does not waste natural resources, while this use must continue in the future without harming the environment or people's health.

   In fact, the Professor's reasoning relies on that both agriculture as primary production and gastronomy as processing, will have to deal with the social, economic and environmental dimensions of their actions.

The ascertainment that today's food production will have a significant impact on the environment's future has led some individuals in the culinary world to adopt a new operating framework.

The paths of sustainability

   The roadmap of sustainable gastronomy has not expressways but it has beautiful paths that are worth walking. Let's get to know them.

The creation and exploitation of organic farms in locations close to urban centres. The cooperation of local producers to promote their products in order to reduce the environmental footprint relating to transportation and storage phase. Encouraging the Food Aid Units to produce, on their own, part of their cooked products.

   Moreover, the use of technologies that reduce power consumption in the storage and preservation of raw materials. Cooperation with livestock or fish trading companies that apply ethical and circular economy principles. The use of strictly seasonal products and the reduction of food waste during preparation as well as the integrated waste management. 

For the latter two paths, it is well known that modern gastronomy has resorted to specialized technology companies that have achieved amazing results in both reduction and non-recyclable waste.

   So it is up to us, through some small steps taken in our business, to follow sustainable gastronomy and ensure a better tomorrow with reduced environmental impact.

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